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McCormack & Scanlan
68 South Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
617-522-7355 F) 617-606-7038

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Complimentary ~ a current market opinion of value. Click here Market Analysis and fill out the requested form. We use comparable sold listings to calculate a fair market value of your property. We create a marketing plan that is tailored to your property. Decades of experience in the real estate industry.


Meet with one of our Realtors. You will understand why professionalism will help make this process as smooth as possible. It is important to determine the best strategy for your needs and our Realtors are well trained. Email or call us.
Receive a list of daily updates and know what is on the market at all times.

The founders of McCormack & Scanlan grew up in Jamaica Plain.
They have been in the real estate industry since the early 1990's. They began their real estate career at Pleasant Realty (no longer in existence)
McCormack & Scanlan opened it's doors in July of 2005. "This has been an exhilarating experience. We have put together a team that is knowledgeable and professional. We believe that home sellers and buyers deserve knowledgeable and committed Realtors when dealing with one of their largest investments."
McCormack and Scanlan is an independent, women-owned company with creative ideas, and limitless opportunities with the community in mind.

Our agents are here to assist you in getting your apartment rented.

We will help you feel comfortable with every aspect of renting your property. We help vet potential tenants for you with our years of experience in the real estate market in this community.